Long Distance Relationships
Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships

There is a lot of controversy and different opinions regarding long distance relationships. Many people will tell you that they can never work. Then, there are people who are involved in long distance relationships that will tell you that they are the best relationships they have ever been in. They would not change where they are at for anything in the world. Long distance relationships are essentially the same as any other relationship. They require the same things from both partners. So, what makes them work or fail?

The most important thing in any kind of relationship is trust and communication. If you are not able to talk to the person that you are spending time with, then you have nothing. If you cannot both completely trust each other, you will never have a meaningful relationship or make it work. In a long distance relationship, communication and trust are much more paramount. You have to rely on what your partner is saying. You are not there to know exactly what is going on. The same is true for your partner. You could be telling them one thing and doing something completely different. For many long distance couples, the internet plays a huge role in their relationship.

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With instant messaging programs, webcams, microphones, and email, partners are able to communicate with each other in many different ways. The internet is often much cheaper than long distance phone calls. Plus with the use of a webcam, you can actually see the person that you are talking with. You know what they are doing and you know what is going on. It makes it much more personal. Now, if you want a very real experience, get on your webcams together and then call each other on the phone. This makes it seem as if you are actually right there together.

Long distance relationships require spending a lot of time together. You need to know that your partner is there for you. You are not together and cannot spend intimate time together. You have to rely on the time that you get together. This time that you are investing in each other helps to build a bond and strengthen your relationship. It makes it much more real and special. You both become closer and have a stronger desire for each other.

Long distance relationships have great potential in most circumstances. They can work and can lead to a lifetime of happiness. This does take time and it may be something that you both have to work hard to reach.

Perhaps right now, you are both at a point where you cannot leave your jobs, your homes, or anything else that is keeping you where you live. So, you live on the belief that someday that is going to change and that you will be together in real life. This does happen for people and it can turn into the best relationship that you have ever had in your life. It is all a matter of how much time you put into it and how patient and how able you are to wait for the right time to be together.

Some people have spent years in a long distance relationship before they have ever met their partner. Others are in a relationship for a few months and then they meet each other. They are not able to stay together at this point, but that short time that they have together means a great deal too both people.

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